Arcane Chemistry Candles


Arcane Chemistry Candles


We are always on the look out for new amazing, local products, so when we discovered Arcane Chemistry we fell in love! This beautiful 100% soy candles are made in Salem, OR and come in the most intoxicating scents, enjoy! 



Smug (4oz)

This scent is inspired by a hike in the PNW where I encountered a scent that reminded me of my father and childhood memories of using my father's colognes without permission. Laurel leaf has a spicy strong aroma and adds depth to the smokey Tobacco note and warmth to the sweet and balsamic Cedarwood Oil. 

Top notes: Bay leaf, Citrus
Heart notes: Cedarwood Atlas
Base notes: Tobacco, Pine needles

Ambrosia (4 oz)

Inspired by a bonfire at the beach coming to an end and all of a sudden the aroma of sap burning from driftwood in the fire captivating us. We spent the rest of the night trying to describe this aroma, capture it, and replicate it. This is our attempt

Top notes: Bergamot, cabreuva wood
Heart notes: Patchouli, rosewood
Base notes: Texas Cedarwood, Amber, Narcissus

Pistil (4 oz) 

Pure and simple, yet entirely intoxicating, the delicate rose fragrance and the hint of lemon blend harmoniously together to give you the aroma of a fresh cut bouquet. The green and lush notes from geranium rose essential oil and galbanum, unfold beautifully to portray a walk through a late summer afternoon at a rose garden. 

Top: Geranium Rose, Lemon
Heart:Rose, Galbanum
Base: Sandalwood, Balsam Copaiba


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